Top reasons to have One Day Cruise !


  1. An unforgettable  experience during your  staying  in Athens , Greece.An idyllic one day cruise at the three  most famous islands of the Saronic Gulf give you the chance to explore them .
  2. Discover the  Saronic Gulf, three completely different islands but all of them unique on their own way!!
  3. Hydra   the treasure of Saronic islands complex, awarded by UNESCO for it’s natural beauty! Moreover, this picturesque island has inspired a lot of artists such as Picasso, Sagale.  Also, loved by the cinema Sofia Loren and Phaedra movies filmed a lot of scenes in Hydra! Thus, it has been the centre of history from ancient times as till recent history as mentioned it has been inhabited in the end of Neolithic era.  Undoubtedly, an interesting destination that needs to be explored through the small narrow stone made  pavements. And this can be done only by mules, horses or donkeys which is the answer of Hydra island when it comes to transfer because all vehicles and bicycles are not allowed !
  4. Poros is the smallest from the three islands . Located near Peloponesse . a typical Cycladic architecture island on the Saronic Gulf. A really rich in plant life island  with one of the most beautiful crystal blue waters ideal for you to capture them. Don’t forget  to visit Byzantine Museum with a great selection of paintings.
  5. Discover the gastronomic masterpieces of Mediterrenean cuisine on a really rich buffet lunch from our Chef .
  6. Cultural references all over Greece, provided on a traditional folk show where you will be capable to participate  in and dance in the end !!
  7. Aegina is the top destination!! Given it’s name from a nymph Daughter of the river Asopos whom Zeus fell in love and took him to the island. At Aegina , you have a lot of options. One of them  is to have a swim and relax on a sandy beach with crystal blue warm waters or take your coffee instead. You can also check out outdoors market as Aegina is famous for it’s tasty pistachios. Otherwise, a great option for the history and cultural religious lovers there is a Panoramic tour visiting the Temple of Aphaia counting the same age as Parthenon with a professional guide explaining the historic significance of that  archeological site , later on there is a visit to Saint Nektarios Byzantine church which is an interesting religious find.
  8. One day Cruise to Hydra, Poros an Aegina from Athens with the most competitive prices guaranteed value of money. Life is so simple when you go on a Cruise and there is nothing better than having all the comforts to enjoy it.

That’s why we recommend to everyone to rely on us !

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